How digital transformation can have a positive impact in our life?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, most countries resorted to a state lock down to minimize the spread of the deadly virus. The same applied to Lebanon where we have been under complete lock down for almost 3 months.

In order to give people the ability to finalize urgent matters and to minimize the spread of the virus, the government has decided to adopt Even/Odd plate numbers rule where Odd plate numbers can commute on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays and Even plate numbers on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays.

It happened one day that i needed to finalize an important case but in that particular day i was not allowed to use my car having an odd plate number but due to the situation emergency and taken into consideration that we don’t have good public transportation , i didn’t have any choice but to use my car and that resulted of getting pulled over by the police and issuing a ticket.

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I forgot about the ticket completely for almost 40 days but when I have decided to take care of this subject, it turned out to be one of the worst and time consuming experience.

My journey started visiting a local business (LibanPost) to pay the ticket, being late more than 25 days, the employee there kindly requested me to go pay it in a nearby police station. I headed directly to the nearest police station where i was told also to go to the Public Prosecutor Office as it has passed more than 30 days on issuing date. 

By the time I arrived to the Public Prosecutor Office (at 1:40 PM), i was informed that all employees responsible for collecting the money are not available and that i should visit them another day.

I went again after 2 days to the PP Office and after waiting for almost 1 hour, i was informed that the ticket can’t be paid on this day as employees are only coming on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Why Digital Transformation is a must in all public sectors?

Lebanon is well known of being one of the best touristic spot in the region but unfortunately we have been going through the toughest economical situation not to mention the negative effect from the corona virus.

Since 30 years, Lebanon was a victim of corruption, inefficiency in the public sector, and lack of accountability (not to mention more) and that was the reason for our high debt and the loss of purchasing power.

The only way for all countries willing to become transparent and operate efficiently is to work on a nation wide digital transformation plan and put it as number 1 priority.

With digital transformation implemented in all public sectors, countries can

  1. Increase employees productivity: Easily locate files, automate processes, revise manual processes, eliminate bottlenecks, etc..
  2. Cut major expenses (reduce number of public sector employees, reduce paper based document storage cost, etc.)
  3. Achieve transparency
  4. Promote accountability
  5. Improve customer (citizen) experience and services
  6. etc.

Going back to our example, It is sad in the 21st century to see the efforts needed from any citizen to complete a relatively simple task. It is now the time for all countries to embrace the digital transformation journey. It is a challenging topic for most but the benefits are extermely rewarding.

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